Augment (アーグメント) 2017

The addition of one thing to another thing is an illusion. Everything is already here. Everything is in continuous proximity to everything

あるものを別のものに加えることは錯覚。全ては既にここにあり、全てが連続している •

Agog (アゴーグ) 2022

We wonder what is concealed. We want to know more than a little. We want to know a lot

秘められたことを知りたい。少しだけじゃなく、たくさん知りたいのだ •

Accoutrement (アクートレメント) 2017

What we gather for our journey is at once personal and public. What we take does not exist in a vacuum. What we take has purpose

旅に携帯するものは、個人のものだったり、公的なものだったりしたもの。自分達が吸収するものは真空中に存在しない。執るものには目的がある •

Ballpoint 2016b

A profile of a mechanical being is still a profile •

Ballpoint 2016

The parachute will save a life if that’s what it is meant to do •

Ballpoint 2014

I remember thinking this was pretty good. It’s still around here somewhere. Want it? •

Ballpoint 2013b

I realize now I’ve had a handle on this ballpoint pen thing for a while now •

Ballpoint 2012

The arrangement enticed the people to come in •

Newly Finished: Apropos

I started this piece, titled Apropos, in December of last year, and finished it today, January 20, 2021. It was to be a quick fleshing out of some warm-up type line work I often do in the hope of selling it as I’m in the process of setting up an online shop. The intention is to pull the bulk of all this line artwork I have stacking up out and polish whichever parts can be made presentable and sell-able. This was to be the case here, anyway. As it turned out, I kept going until I was about half-way through with what you see here, and decided to start documenting my progress on video. After about 13 videos, each over an hour, with some close to two hours, and not a little off-camera work, I arrive at what you see here. I intend to post the progress videos every week until I run out of them, as well as a time-lapse version. This is the start of what I hope to continue doing — making art on camera with ample commentary to fill in the visual component. Where: my page on Facebook (Art of Eric Seaholm), Instagram, and here on my website, all linked via my YouTube channel (under my name, Eric Seaholm). When: I’m hoping before this week is out. I’ll keep you posted •

Trying to Sell Its

Ok so today I opened up a page to sell my art. The first promoted piece is The Appointment. I’ll try to keep posting new art as old stuff gets sold, all on the Buy Original Art page (link at top) •