Scaledown 22

That shuffled to the corner remains relevant •


It is cold, and things will snap •


It’s not an inconvenience to assert authority •


Vehicles carry us to the place we’re going to be •


A container for all the things that require housing. It’s a good thing to have such a tool •

Tsu Ron

The vessel entered, with permission, of course •

Tybe Li Slib

All things will have a place in the Universe. Here, it’s Tybe Li Slib •


We will be there for you when you need us •

Wiggle Room

We can dance and we can enjoy our life •

911 Remnants

Remnants of the deed of desperate people •

What is this guy up to?

My mind and hands utilize the muscle memory acquired after many years of creating the kind of art presented here within this site of the web — Eric Seaholm

Tokyo Solo 3, March 24–26, 2023 (ended)

Please see “Tokyo Solo 3” in the menu above for highlights of the show including the art and photos of the festivities

This third exhibition in Tokyo will feature mostly new ballpoint pen artwork; all for sale. This’ll only be for three days, so I do hope you can come by for a look, and if you’re ready, to buy artwork done by this human’s hand •