Eric Seaholm

Artist, filmmaker, musician, furniture maker, husband; living in Tokyo, Japan.

Augment (アーグメント) 2017

The addition of one thing to another thing is an illusion. Everything is already here. Everything is in continuous proximity to everything

あるものを別のものに加えることは錯覚。全ては既にここにあり、全てが連続している •

Agog (アゴーグ) 2022

We wonder what is concealed. We want to know more than a little. We want to know a lot

秘められたことを知りたい。少しだけじゃなく、たくさん知りたいのだ •

Accoutrement (アクートレメント) 2017

What we gather for our journey is at once personal and public. What we take does not exist in a vacuum. What we take has purpose

旅に携帯するものは、個人のものだったり、公的なものだったりしたもの。自分達が吸収するものは真空中に存在しない。執るものには目的がある •

Ballpoint 2016b

A profile of a mechanical being is still a profile •

Ballpoint 2016

The parachute will save a life if that’s what it is meant to do •

Ballpoint 2014

I remember thinking this was pretty good. It’s still around here somewhere. Want it? •

Ballpoint 2013b

I realize now I’ve had a handle on this ballpoint pen thing for a while now •

Ballpoint 2012

The arrangement enticed the people to come in •


The holes are compelling •

Scaledown 7

This is the start of something beautiful, said the encouragement •

Scaledown 16

We can have a sit down. Bonus for the comfortable atmosphere •

Scaledown 17

How much value do we put on that which we don’t think about •