Eric Seaholm

Artist, filmmaker, musician, furniture maker, husband; living in Tokyo, Japan.

Framed Like This

Philosopher’s Comforter – This was drawn for an art show in Tokyo back in 2009. One of the few drawings I’ve signed •

Ball of Ravel

I often wonder how much it will take to get my work noticed. Although art isn’t – or shouldn’t be – about recognition of the artist, it is intended to be recognized by someone other than the artist. That may not be true for everyone, as some artists do fine by simply creating for themselves, but if art is to communicate anything, it needs an audience. I’m creating art everyday. I’m not posting it everyday, or trying to promote it as often, but there is some effort there. This is what I’m wondering – how much is required in order to find that tipping point. It may be just a matter of time and space •