Series One

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series one cover_9h P1170783b9h
^Cover – scanned ^Cover – photographed
series one i_9h P1170759b9h
^Hipposition – scanned ^Hipposition – photographed
series one h_9h P1170751b9h
^Organic Airbag – scanned ^Organic Airbag – photographed
series one c_9h P1170770b9h
^Mrs. Tom Ong Ong – scanned ^Mrs. Tom Ong Ong – photographed
series one b_9h P1170748b9h
^Unsold & Destroyed – scanned ^Unsold & Destroyed – photographed
series one a_9h P1170754b9h
^Life’s Loop – scanned ^Life’s Loop – photographed
series one e_9h P1170767b9h
^The Hair Continues – scanned ^The Hair Continues – photographed
series one g_9h P1170773b9h
^A Better Umbrella – scanned ^A Better Umbrella – photographed
series one d_9h P1170763b9h
^Criminal to the Left – scanned ^Criminal to the Left – photographed
series one f_9h P1170777b9h
^Highly Distortionary – scanned ^Highly Distortionary – photographed