Word spawned ideas •

03/18/17 Perhaps everything is consciousness, with the physical representing a particular aspect of what’s possible. Everything possible will happen; that’s what eternity is for. We are possible, therefore we happen. I’m wearing a dark blue jacket now while sitting in a particular position because it is possible. It is also possible for me to sit in an infinitesimally different position while wearing a jacket infinitesimally different in color or any other attribute, and in so doing, the entire universe sits differently. That’s when it branches; ad infinitum. It’s possible, so it happens. Computers do not appear conscious, or coffee cups, pens, oxygen molecules – anything – because we do not sense communication in the same way we do with our human interactions. This doesn’t mean awareness of self isn’t present. A pen doesn’t speak to us because it doesn’t have a mouth, vocal chords, or a brain that can process whatever information required. This same idea can be applied in all modes of communication in all physical phenomena. Consciousness has been dubbed The Hard Problem because it cannot be measured or proven. We do not know if the person outside of our subjective experience is conscious, just as with a pen or a computer. Our brains are no more magical than any other thing. They are unique, just as every other thing. Where is consciousness located in the brain? Everywhere. Where is it located outside the brain? Everywhere. The idea that our consciousness exists solely and independent of everything else raises questions such as, how do we parse our consciousness (where does it begin or end), or why would we think we own it, as, it is ours apart from anything else? When we see that we are but one aspect of one possibility of all possibilities, we can entertain the idea that we are at once everything – as part of the one – and nothing – as each possibility existing in isolation – that which exists between the end and the beginning of all possible states; the reality of binary threshold. •

02/18/17 A responder to Bill Gate’s proposal to tax robots said, “I can point to evidence of humans turning on others over taxation, I see no reason AI would not come to the same conclusion.”

-> One reason is the morality AI will inherit. Morality is knowing the correct thing to do next via error correction. Those who turn on us do not know what to do for what is in their best interest. AI will undoubtedly be the end of humans, but not because it will *turn on us. We will simply not have a seat at the table, just as climate deniers and Trump supporters do not sit with the intellectually curious. Comparatively, our relative intelligence and capacity for understanding to that of AI will be as ours is to a mosquito. No matter, just as the next baby born does not have the consciousness experienced by anyone else, but a shared consciousness (as everything is consciousness; played out in the infinitely various ways around us). We all move on to the next moment. AI will be yet another emergent take on the ultimate pervasive thing – consciousness, and its measurable twin, gravity. •

02/12/17 I am President; I can issue executive orders; what executive order will I issue? My first executive order will be: teachers must receive a doctorate degree in education before being eligible to teach in public schools. Those selected for the privilege to teach will not teach more than nine students per class. The curriculum will be vetted by scientists with equal qualifications. Religion will not have a seat at the table. A weekly progress report will be filed and reviewed openly in order to keep the education of our children at the center of our nation’s attention. •

12/19/16 Mommy, what’s a job? Honey, it’s what some people did so they could earn money to pay for their home and food. They were under the assumption they had it solely because of their effort and skill; not understanding that those were traits they did not make unto themselves, but were lucky to be born with. The confusion continued when they were told the company that hired them did not have to hire them, they simply got lucky. They were further confused when they looked around and saw other people who, merely by circumstance, weren’t as lucky and therefore did not have a job. The confused people with jobs thought the jobless people should snap their fingers and, BAM!, just like that, have that job that would pay them the money they wanted and needed. Fortunately, now that robots and software do all the jobs, the smart and empathetic people got together and designed a new economy that allows everyone a fair share of our planet’s resources in an environmentally sustainable way so we don’t die en mass. Do you understand, honey? Yes, mommy, I do. I just have one more question. Yes, sweetheart, what is it? Why were people so fucking dumb? They were unlucky, honey. •

12/10/16 Spreading fake news is like dipping an entire chicken in tar and feathering it. •

12/08/15 That rock-steady beat we swing to can not earn our love any more than an old cash register can make a cup of coffee. For example, it isn’t the size of the tires, but the weight of the proposal that solidifies an offer of retribution. That is why I seldom cease pointing out the alignment. •

09/12/15 Something about never forgetting truther vaccines on buildings with steel that melts at higher temperatures than the moon landing. •

02/05/15 Know your vaccinations. Pick a side. Wipe your butt. Get in line. Take a stand. Brush your teeth. Stand up straight. Study hard. Look it up. Spread freedom. Pay your taxes. Get off my lawn. Pledge your allegiance. Stay on track. Pay attention. Know your rights. Don’t back down. Buy now. •

12/07/14 The fastest way to build a greatocity is to start with something that wants to accept terms on its final evaluation prior to achieving the inherent forbearance situated within an absolute construct; essential.
– That’s partly why the erratic efforts of ersatz effects only slightly conjure the fluctuations required to placate fragile flanges.
– The satiated forbearance surely betrays any impermenance with regard to patience, would you or your brethren not conclude? •

03/20/14 The men were all posing shirtless for the annual Hot English Teachers calendar when one of the most fit teachers stepped forward, “I’m tired of being treated like a piece of meat!” After an uncomfortable moment, another contributed, “Me too!” After that, except for one stubborn poser, all the teachers put back on their shirts and returned to class. The remaining teacher then stepped into position and said, “To hell with them, take my picture!” •

02/27/14 Then than then, then than, then then. •

01/30/14 Woman enters art contest, loses, realizes art contests are scams, wins lottery. •

10/14/13 In the dingy strip-mall pizza joint, the customer ahead of me stepped back as the pizza guy walked around the counter and tossed his slice of cheese pizza onto the floor. The customer looked down at the cardboard plate for a moment, then retrieved a phone from his pocket. As I already had mine out, we both took a photo of the slice. As I snapped a second shot, the pizza guy somewhat gracefully leapt over the plate, then headed back to the kitchen area. I’m not sure what the customer was going to do with his photo, though it seemed like another perfect rage-inducing social media opportunity. Me? I was happy to have taken a picture of what hopefully was a one time event. •

09/10/13 We’re all perfect snowcrabs riding on the backs of turtles all the way down. •

09/02/13 I suspect, therefore I am. •

05/20/13 Suggestable: Assign resources allotted for war and destruction of nations into humanitarian efforts such as sharing of knowledge of sustainable actions that perpetuate health and education. This leads to good will among nations, thereby reducing the risk of attacks born of hostility from extreme resentment from years of attacks and violence at the hand of perceived or identifiable sources. •

05/07/13 So I sit down for my interview for Interview magazine; comfortable, feeling made-it. She starts with a zinger, “You’ve left your mark on the art world, what’s next?” “What’s next?,” I reply, “I’m not ready to leave the art world.” “Let’s hope not! What I mean is… ” With a dismissive wave I say, “Yeah, yeah, I know what you mean. Truth be told, I’m interested in forming a think tank.” “Whoa, I didn’t see that coming.” “Few do,” I said, examining my newly buffed fingernails. “You mean, some see that coming?” I put down my cold, tasty beverage, narrowed my gaze, and answered simply, “Spielberg.” •

04/30/13 “I was walking around Roppongi today, and I came upon an art gallery, so I went in.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah. I noticed an elderly lady walking around, looking at the drawings. They were quite erotic; loosely drawn pictures of ladies with their legs spread, their vaginas open.”
“How did the elderly lady take them?”
“She seemed interested – not offended.”
“Uh huh.”
“So I got to thinking, I could do that. I could make some trippy art focusing on that area of the woman’s anatomy. Although it’s not what I’d like to be known for, it might get my art noticed in this sex lovin’ world. Who knows, right?”
“Uh, well… ok, I guess.”
“I think this kind of eroticism allows folks to indulge in the pleasure of flesh fantasy without the background fear of being caught enjoying what we naturally enjoy.”
“Well then, get to it.”
“I’m on it!” •

04/29/13 “The nature of your business?” “.x567,” I replied. As he waved me through, my pulse remained steady. “I’m in,” I thoxed. “Right, proceed,” Randy replied. We’re heading to Gongong, Chinese Ghost town. “Plenty of parking,” I quipped as I met up with Randy at the renewal station. “Yeps. Let’s keep it that way.” “So, shall we,” I asked as he finished his last exfoil for awhile. “Yeps. After you.” •

04/29/13 I was sitting in front of his teacher as she explained why I was called to the school. “He keeps asking questions I cannot answer.” “What kinds of questions?” “Ordinary questions.” “Such as?” “Well,” She started, apprehensively, “The kind you’d ask your board of directors.” She then opened a drawer and pulled out a notebook. “I started writing down the questions last week after he began asking them the day before.” Not knowing what to expect, I sat, waiting. She cleared her throat and started rattling off questions, “When and how often does the Board of Directors meet?, How are the Board of Directors meetings run?, How can I get an item on the BOD meeting agenda?… ,” “He said ‘BOD?'” “Yes, that’s right.” “Well?” She put the notebook on the desk, “Well, what?” I folded my arms across my chest, narrowing my gaze, “How can he get an item on the agenda?” •

04/29/13 He picked it up and asked, “What does it do?” Although my palms were sweaty, I extended my hand. “What, shake your hand?” I nodded. “Ok. This better be good.” After shaking my hand I told him to push the button. He did as instructed. “What does it do,” he asked. Although my palms were sweaty, I extended my hand. “What, shake your hand?” I nodded. “Ok. This better be good.” After shaking my hand I told him to push the button. He did as instructed. •

04/28/13 I remember, at last year’s Dubai retreat, one of our team members got herself into quite the predicament. We were playing tennis on the Burj Khalifa’s outdoor court, when she (let’s call her Screamy) decided to imitate Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Screamy ran and started to jump off the court, trying to stop herself before toppling over the side. Mistakenly thinking the net would protect her, she burst through what seemed to be a paper mâché net (we found out later the net was just for show). Fortunately for Screamy, her top quality thong panties caught a hook holding up the “net.” She got quite the wedgie from that little stunt. Perhaps you saw this in the news? •

04/27/13 I was late to the staff meeting; no one noticed. I forgot my pen; no one cared. I spoke my opinion; looking for a new job. •

04/26/13 Excitedly, I opened my one Xmas present. WTF?! I couldn’t stay in the room any longer. As I ran out I heard them say, “What’s his problem? He said he loved Tabasco® sauce.” •

04/26/13 It was my first day on the job. Freshly shaved, smelling good, I stepped off the elevator. As soon as I entered the room, however, I felt something amiss. The folks I had previously been excited to see didn’t appeal to me. The office smelled stale; the light harsh. I didn’t want to be there. This was to be an excellent opportunity, and I wanted nothing to do with it, so I did the only sensible thing – I sat on the stool and handed the executive his towel. A man’s gotta work. •

04/25/13 So there I was, on stage in front of trillions, and I was thinking, why me? •

04/25/13 Then there was the time I was skipping to work when an elderly woman asked me why I was skipping. I stopped skipping and bent over to tie my shoe. Just as I was about to answer her, she came upon me and pushed me, as if she were cow-tipping. I said, “Hey, why’d you do that?!” She answered me by giving me a kiss on my cheek. That was enough to assuage any angst I had collected. She then asked me if I wanted to make out, but I was in a hurry, so I politely declined and skipped on. Although it seems like a missed opportunity, there will be others. •

04/23/13 It happens every week. A very large spider visits. Lord, why? “Don’t ask, my son.” I fall 2 centimeters from its front legs. It reaches out, morphs into a young woman of 23, and asks, “Do you like me now?” I’m confused of course. •

10/26/12 The contraption was intended to catch liars before they wove their tales, but it didn’t function properly, so the investors disassembled it. True story. •

10/15/12 What is human made? What is in control? Everything is working together. Everything is in control, except us. What is born completely, independently of us? Where are the ideas that exist outside of our imagination? They’re manifest around us. Our boundaries. We see these shapes, pressures, hues, fragrances; we ponder our relationship with these experiences. That pondering; that’s it. The connection between warm and cold, the point where hilarity becomes seriousness. There’s a place where it’s not this, but that. It’s no longer there, but here. The divide. The edge. The reality of binary threshold. •

10/13/12 Nothing is altered, enhanced, or redirected in any way, as all moments exist independent yet are connected inextricably. •

10/07/12 I was there. It happened. My eyes saw it. The event unfolded. We joined the connection. It penetrated my senses. You’re seeing the result. I, it, my, we, it, you. All and nothing. It’s happened before. It’ll happen again. •

09/22/12 Observation of progress through realization of ineptitude; observing folks point to other’s stupidity, seeing those folks just as stupid, realizing our own lack of knowledge. •

09/17/12 He sat with his hands folded neatly in her lap while she fed her cat bits of mouse tail. No one was convinced, least of all Big Daddy. Still, solace was found in the birds. •

08/09/12 “Don’t pick it,” she scolded. “You don’t pick it,” he retorted. “I won’t,” she insisted. “Me either,” he matched. •

08/09/12 From his vantage point, nothing felt important. His friend asked if he felt anything important. He said he did not. His friend pinched his elbow, then asked if that felt important. He said he did not understand the joke. •

08/09/12 “We killed the bunch of ’em so we didn’t have to kill more of ’em. And we would’ve.” The father stared at the coffee cup, slowly nodding. “Yep.” The son looked at his father, and asked, “Could it happen to us?” The father closed his eyes, breathed, “Nope.” •

08/09/12 “Go back from whence ye came,” the drunken gentleman drunkenly ordered. “Are you talking to me,” asked the young man. “No, er… yes. Um, maybe. What’s it to you?” “Nothing. Now, let’s get back to rowing. Someone’s bound to spot us sooner or later. Oh, and pass me one of those Funyuns®, will ya?” •

08/09/12 The woman stood in line with her groceries. She burped. A few customers ahead of her turned. She burped again. The inquisitive customers, now satiated, returned to their previous position. •

08/03/12 The people waited on the platform. Each life has its journey. You’ve heard that. As a thought, at a particular time, it’s detected, considered. Did it spring from us? Can we feel honest pride for the ideas captured in our net? Sure we can’t, but surely we don’t. •

08/02/12 The cab waited. No one was coming. The cab waited, regardless. At last, someone came. The cabbie drove this person to his or her destination. The person unsheathed a knife. The cabbie, unaware of the danger, parked the cab. The person decided not to kill the cabbie after all, and sheathed the knife. The cabbie, oblivious, recited the total fare. The would be killer paid the fare, got out, and watched the cabbie drive away. •

07/30/12 The glass separates, but no matter, so do I. You’re there. I’m here. Why do I feel so. Why do I speak of myself. It’s a question without a question mark. Why. •

12/21/11 Ode to Leaf

Leaf the bittersweet. The journey. The destination. Leaf is splendid. It will pass. From quivering buds on the tip of a twig, to a roadside, yard, sidewalk. Crushed, seemingly insignificant, the transience is cyclical.

What I take from leaf is the idea that everything is significant, and insignificant, and it will pass. •

11/28/11 Purposesa

One: Transitory

I’m walking home from the train station. What do I want from the conbini? Defiantly a highball, and maybe an onigiri. Yes, I’m hungry, and thirsty.

“Irashaimase!,” perked the cute cashier. I walked to the spots, snatched my gear, and stood at the register to get checked out. Always liked getting checked out by this particular cashier. “Domo, domo, etc.”

Back on the road, heading home-way. What an evening: clear, crisp late November sky, stars, enhanced sound, pep in my step.

Wow my shoulder really burns! What is this sensation? Unlike anything I’ve experienced. Ground coming up? So warm, and cold. Sharp pain. Indescribable! I loved my dog, Watson. Such a cute puppy. He’s gone! Gone and what will I eat tomorrow? Work tomorrow? Don’t know don’t know why can’t I stand?! Who are you? What do you want no it’s mine! Get… no no, not yours! Sweetheart help me I’m fading I love you miss you already. Why do you need to be here, stranger? Lights. What time is it? “Daijobu.” Who’s this man? Why am I in this vehicle? No no so thirsty… honey? Honey where are you I’m not sure who what no stop! Stop! Darkness and warmth and fading and… •

08/20/11 So many colors in the world. It’d be a shame not to share them – no matter what shape they come in. Go slow, there’s enough for everyone. •

08/06/12 We reveal bits of ourselves. Where are these revelations received. Upon reception, how are the bits deciphered. What does this say about what’s what. Is nothing as it seems, aside from this statement, because this statement is not nothing. •

10/16/10 The cookie cutter approach just isn’t applicable in a world that only eats meat. •

08/20/10 A rickshaw designed by Ferrari. Think about it. •

08/18/10 I’m not mad! I’m yelling because he stepped on my toes! I’m not mad though! •

08/09/10 Caught myself bitching about trivial events and started bitching about myself. Crazy loop. •

08/07/10 Some lights shine on problems that we wish we didn’t have, then monkeys come in and eat our pizza. Damn monkeys! •

10/06/09 Thinking of installing a Flex88 micro Chromagone unitizing a .56Hexo-Flagrator within an already beefed up Alphexig/901 Oscillatiger. Hope it helps. •

04/24/09 The being looks toward its future to see if there is something coming, and prepares to go forth in an effort to say what’s important in order to prove that the thoughts it’s having are the correct thoughts. The only thoughts. Right. •

04/23/09 I heard if you don’t pay for health insurance in the U.S., you’ll be forced into a small box wearing nothing but your socks, and you’ll have to wear the letters HCR around your neck. Oh, and you’ll have to eat one of your toes. •

04/23/09 Red said to get Gray to come down and mix with Black, but Black wanted to take most of the attention away from Gray because Gray usually dominated the scene. Black also wanted to know why Red was barking orders. •

03/05/09 If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes, then I could get a decent bloody mary over here! •

09/09/08 I’d like to turn myself inside out for a really thorough wash. •