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The neighbors often made too much noise. Nearly every night the neighbors were too noisy. Why can’t they pipe down, he wondered. I can’t sleep. It’s late. What can I do? There wasn’t much he could do because the noise was within an acceptable range–legally, anyway. After many years of noise, he decided to take action. The following afternoon he went over to the neighbor’s house and knocked on the door. Right away a baby started crying. A moment later the father opened the door, not looking too happy. I just got her to sleep, and now–he gestured to the noise. I’m sorry, I didn’t know. You didn’t see the sign? He pointed to a sign displayed prominently on the door–baby sleeping, please come back later. Oh, I didn’t see it. Again, my apologies. He waived it off. Water under the bridge. So what can I do for you? Oh, yes, I just wanted to ask you to keep the noise down at night. I can’t sleep due to all the racket. Oh, ok, no problem •

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What do you see? It’s not real. It never was, and, uh, it never will be. All you have to do is understand that nothing stays the same. It doesn’t. This moment right here—it’s gone. Where did it go? Doesn’t matter—it was. Where does it go? Doesn’t go anywhere—it just ceases to be •

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The challenge of #INKTOBER2017 was to complete one drawing using ink a day for the month of October. I used a ballpoint pen. At four to six hours for each piece, it was indeed a challenge. Completed, though, and I loved the experience •

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A pencil drawing in progress. I point out what I worked on the other day. It was a good session, but as of now I still don’t know where this will lead. Not important, though •

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Benicar Prescription 7th

I often like to put my physical images through digital filters. Just as often, that which I can touch has more value for me. The pen or pencil to paper is immediate, whereas anything done through the computer feels impossibly distant. Regardless, it’s fun •