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Artist, filmmaker, musician, furniture maker, husband; living in Tokyo, Japan.

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(Update: The show was a success for me–many people attended and I sold five pieces. The following was the original message and invite… )

My first solo gallery show is coming up in a few weeks. The opening party will be on Saturday, May 5, starting at 6:30. I will be there all week until the following Saturday, the 12th, for the closing party. All nineteen pieces are new (a few are only relatively new) ballpoint pen drawings. I made the frames as well, which took nearly as long to assemble as creating the art. This is going to be fun; looking forward to it! •

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We were in a cubby of a town in an elevator on September 22, 2009. I was flattened against the wall, and she found that hilarious. I might have screamed during her hilarity fest, but it is not important now. All that is important at this point is getting this thing posted •

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Buy Zoloft
(click the image for video)

The challenge of #INKTOBER2017 was to complete one drawing using ink a day for the month of October. I used a ballpoint pen. At four to six hours for each piece, it was indeed a challenge. Completed, though, and I loved the experience •

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(click the image for video)

A pencil drawing in progress. I point out what I worked on the other day. It was a good session, but as of now I still don’t know where this will lead. Not important, though •

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I often like to put my physical images through digital filters. Just as often, that which I can touch has more value for me. The pen or pencil to paper is immediate, whereas anything done through the computer feels impossibly distant. Regardless, it’s fun •

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Benicar Prescription 7th

How easy should it be? To toil over self expression seems to miss the point, though some effort above the standard can optimize output. This was easy, is my point. Regardless, the image pleases me •

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Nizoral Shampoo Buy Uk

Not sure if I’m going to flesh this out any further, but I like it so far. Knocked this out in just a few hours, which for me is unusual with this type of art. For example, I’ve been working on one piece that’s about 80% finished for nearly ten years. The trick here was to work very small, i.e., reduce the size of the window 12.5% in Photoshop, then use the brush tool to paint until a shape I liked appeared •

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I often wonder how much it will take to get my work noticed. Although art isn’t – or shouldn’t be – about recognition of the artist, it is intended to be recognized by someone other than the artist. That may not be true for everyone, as some artists do fine by simply creating for themselves, but if art is to communicate anything, it needs an audience. I’m creating art everyday. I’m not posting it everyday, or trying to promote it as often, but there is some effort there. This is what I’m wondering – how much is required in order to find that tipping point. It may be just a matter of time and space •