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Artist, filmmaker, musician, furniture maker, husband; living in Tokyo, Japan.

Threeenglish, eps_005 Significance

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October 9, 2018 – SIGNIFICANCE
Sometimes there is something that happens that isn’t a permanent part of the transient thing that isn’t known but that has significance in our lives that may be just an illusion that may or may not be the one thing that holds everything in a kind of unknown balance that could tip to one side or perhaps to the other side. But who knows really? •

Threeenglish, eps_004 Colorful

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October 2, 2018 – COLORFUL
Blue is a powerful color. Blue can inspire thoughts of peace, or convey a sense of seriousness. Think power suit. Mauve? Mauve isn’t so powerful. Few think of mauve. Mauve does not move mountains. Pink. Pink is powerful. That’s right–pink can create families, improve nations, or accent any self-respecting rock star’s guest room. Ah, the power of pink •

Threeenglish, eps_002 Who We Are

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September 18, 2018 – WHO WE ARE
Who am I? A person? “Person” is a word, a term, a label; and I am not a label. A name? I have a name, but I am not a name. The same goes for my body–parts–and like those other things, it’s a representation of who I am. If/when everything that I am not is peeled away, I cannot be found, yet here I am. So who am I? I am what I am not •